Too Much Stuff

Stuff here, stuff there. SO MUCH 'STUFF'! The real estate term 'Full Basement Rancher' to describe the style of my house takes on a whole new meaning when I stand back and take a good look around the home I've lived in since 1981. And it's not just the basement, it's the entire house! Every room except the bathrooms! (Not sure why the bathrooms aren't infected with this problem, perhaps because they are the smallest rooms in the house and we use every inch of them every day? But then, that theory doesn't really hold water, because the closets are even smaller, and they are crammed to the gills!) When you get right down to it, all this 'stuff' is no longer owned by us; we are owned by IT! Acquiring it has devoured a whole bunch of time and money that most certainly could have been more wisely spent. And so ... IT, (the STUFF) must go!

A series of well planned garage sales, combined with a gargantuan number of listings on my local Craigslist site and several 'Mail it to 'em' online sales sites, should provide a modicum of healthy economic boost for my little family’s finances as well as a personal sense of accomplishment for me while decluttering my over crowded house. We shall see. I’m gonna give it my very best shot! 

I am vowing to SERIOUSLY downsize my possessions to prepare for the biggest adventure I have ever dreamed up… Sometime in the not too distant future, our small family of four, (me, my husband, our son, and our German Shepherd Dog, who happens to function as my son’s service animal) are going to sell our house, buy a motorhome, and travel the entire 48 contiguous states! Homeschooling all the way! YAY!

We'd love to take you on this marvelous journey with us! All you have to do to come along is check in with us here from time to time. I will be posting mostly about the trials and tribulations of dealing with the mountains of 'stuff' I am trying to find new homes for. But dealing with such a large number of diverse people has its entertaining moments as well. I'll be sharing some of the funnier ones.

You just might become inspired to shed some of your own 'stuff along the way. Let's lighten our load together! Maybe you’ll want to pick out an item or two that you KNOW you will never use again. Possibly even consider doing your own garage sale. Or maybe not, it is a LOT of work! Maybe you oughta just post those couple of items online. You’ll be happier with them gone and the money in your pocket from the sale of them, trust me!

If you've never attempted your own garage sale, or ventured into the world of online sales before, I'm going to explain how each venue of selling works and how to get the biggest buck for your time spent. Just check out the tab titles that interest you and read on!