The Tale of the Insulter

Alrighty then! I promised to divulge some details on my customers. (Or rather some real life stories categorized by the 'type' of shopper I have had at my sales.) So here goes, we are going to just dive right in by telling the incident of the worst of the worst, the 'Insulter'.

This lady and her female relative, (I will presume it was a relative, she can't possibly have friends with a mouth and an attitude like hers), walk in to my basement garage and go straight to the front of the fan I have running to help my customers get cool. (It's over 95 outside and very hot on the 150 foot walk from the street past the end of my house to get around back to my sale.) I don't need a fan, I'm only being hospitable by having one on. I'm not hot because at least a third of my basement is underground and the earth against the walls have cool air flowing down to the floor and out the basement door. I have, in fact, had to put a light jacket on from time to time to keep from being chilled by the moving air from the fan. (See how nice I am?) 

But, I digress. I say hello to them and then turn my attention elsewhere as someone has presented me with money to purchase an item. This lady gets cooled off, leaves the fan area and starts to look around. All of a sudden, she says in a VERY LOUD voice, “Can you SELL a BIBLE?” (I'm not sure who she is talking to as she is not looking at anyone.) “I mean, I know they sell them in stores, but I don’t think it is right to sell them, I have given away several Bibles.” She continues, still in a loud voice, “I don’t think it is right to sell them, they should be given as gifts!” By now, a couple of other people, as well as her female companion, are paying attention and sneaking peeks at me as well. I was flustered, but to my credit, I didn’t show it. I merely stated, “Of course you can sell a Bible if you own it. It’s legal, I checked.” There wasn’t even any sarcasm in my voice. Aren’t you proud of me? (Remember, cheerful people sell more!)

The two ladies turned their backs on me and walked out, seemingly in a huff. I don't expect to ever see them darken my door again. I not only didn't meet with their approval, I wasn't cowed by their verbal shaming. I'm sure others in this category will visit my establishment and find fault with something else. Bring 'em on! I'm ready for 'em! I will bull-headedly plow forward in my attempt to reach my goal.

There is a saying that, "You can't judge a book by its cover." That definitely applies here because this lady and her companion were attractive, dressed very nicely, and to all intents and purposes, on the surface, seemed to be nice people. Boy, would you be wrong to assume that! I've heard of "Caveat Emptor", which is Latin for "Buyer Beware". I'd sure like to know what the Latin term is for "Seller Beware"!

Here is a bit of info as to what all the fuss was about. I have an extensive library of books for my morning quiet time, among them, several translations of the Bible I have picked up at my local second hand store. (Oh dear, they sold those Bibles!) I even bought and painstakingly installed those little labeled tabs onto the pages so I could find books and verses faster. But now it is time to downsize, remember? So I have to part with a few of my treasured books. I figured someone like me would appreciate having a Bible already outfitted for ease in studying. Some of my translations are also in those fancy cloth, zip cases that I have picked up at thrift shops. (I'm a thrift shop junkie, one of the reasons I now need to get serious about downsizing.) I also have a really nice hardback, family version with spaces for recording births, baptisms, and deaths in the front. This one was in my mother’s things when she passed away and the way it was wrapped up, she apparently intended to give it as a gift to my brother or myself, but never got around to it. Gasp, I have put this one as well on the bookcase along with the others to sell! I am keeping ONE favorite Bible that I have used the most because I understand the translation better than others, the rest will not fit in the RV, and I can’t see storing them where they will not be read. Bibles are intended to be USED, not stored. And just so you know, my Bibles are priced waaay below new store prices. I’m not even recouping what I have in them. I want someone to be able to own one of these treasures at a reasonable price. Just enough to appreciate it. Not too many things that come free are appreciated for their true value. ‘Nuff said!