Links to our STUFF for sale

If you have a hankering to purchase something from me, I prefer you buy on Mercari since they take a smaller bite out of my profits, but I'm quite happy to sell my STUFF no matter what site it sells from! We are putting the profits towards the training and care of our son's service dog.

As to Ryan's art sites, he just gets a thrill knowing someone liked a particular piece enough to purchase a product with the art on it. The small royalty from those sales go to keep him in art supplies, and he goes through a LOT of supplies!

My eBay Listings

I've been selling on here since 2000 and am quite proud of my high FeedBack numbers as well as the fact that I maintain 100% positive responses from my customers.

My Mercari Listings

I signed up for this a couple of years before I actually began to sell on the site. Call it 'cold feet' on learning the ins and outs of a new selling app. I have quickly become a fan! 

My Poshmark Listings

The one big problem here is that I'm limited in the types of items I can list. And I have SO MUCH to sell in categories I can't put on here. All my items are already listed on Mercari (and possibly eBay if I have enough free listings available). But you can't beat the exposure your clothing items get on this site and I've sold quite a bit here because of that.

Ryan's Art Store on Society6

This site is the first place I posted, so it has some of his earliest pieces from the time when we first began to recognize the gift God has given him. This is an international site for artists, some of which are professional, and I do need to caution that if you stray off my son’s page you could potentially see things that some of us consider vulgar. I considered this carefully before posting, but I felt Ryan’s talent deserved recognition on a larger scale than just locally. Apparently I was correct because he has gained many talented adult followers on this site, some of them with literally thousands of their own followers! He has made quite a few sales from this site, getting a small royalty from each of those sales.

Ryan's Art Store on Zazzle

I discovered this site when I was surfing the internet looking for places to personalize a phone case. Happily, I found a HUGE treasure trove of products I could personalize with Ryan’s art, then put them up for sale without having to either produce or ship them. I have played around with it some, but just haven't had the time to devote to creating a lot of saleable products. This ‘store’ will slowly grow as I add new items. I hope to eventually have enough for shoppers to choose from that it will provide an extra source of income for Ryan’s future. There have been a few sales to date, mostly stickers and greeting cards.

Ryan's Art Store on Curioos

This is a site that is a bit more exclusive than Society6, and my understanding is that you must be invited to join as a contributing artist. I got an email around December 2016 asking Ryan to use the included link to join and begin posting. I checked out the site and liked what I saw, so I began to post some of Ryan’s better, more recent pieces. This site provides the opportunity to make pieces ‘limited’ and numbered. The royalty rates are a bit higher than on Society6, and there are also some formats that are unique to this site. No sales, yet.